About Cheal Out


Once upon a time, people told lies to reveal hidden truths behind the truths told to hide lies.

Jack E. Cheal has spent twenty-five years trying to figure out the world and his role in it; as a trained teacher, he has worked closely with children and adults with a range of neurological conditions and/or cognitive disabilities, which has inspired numerous poems, plays and short works of fiction that explore the different ways that people can perceive the world, in an effort to tell ‘lies to reveal hidden truths behind the truths told to hide lies’

After nearly a quarter-century feeling ‘different’, Jack received a diagnosis for autism, dyspraxia and ADHD, which further invigorated his desire to use creative writing as a way of introducing people to alternative realms of perception.

Jack E. Cheal lived in Runnymede Eco-Village in the United Kingdom for a year, in 2014, to reconnect with reality, following a crisis of conscience that forced him to quit teaching. During this time he lived without money and worked to spread the message that alternative lifestyles are not only acceptable but essential to a rich, fulfilling human society. He now believes that by marrying up what he learned when working with disabled children with what he learned by living an alternative lifestyle, he can, through writing, spread ideas that will prompt more people to explore the potential variety of the human experience.

Jack E. Cheal is currently unpublished.

My Home: Runnymede Eco-Village:

‘Runnymede Eco-Village is a community sustainability project in a squatted woodland near Windsor. Established in 2012 and inspired by Winstanley and the 1649 Diggers, Runnymede Eco-Village aims to nurture and develop skills required to live independent of the mainstream.

Declaration of the Dispossed:

We: peaceful people, declare our intention to go and cultivate the disused land of this island; to build dwellings and live together in common by the sweat of our brows.

We have one call: every person in this country and the world should be free to live on the disused land, to grow food and to build a shelter and live together in community. This should be the case whether you have money or not. We say that no country can be considered free, until people are free to live on the disused land.

With our current system in crisis we need a radically different way of growing our communities. We call on the government and all landowners to let those who are willing, make good use of the disused land. Land that is currently held from us by force. By our actions, we seek to show how we can live without destroying the planet or ourselves. Free from the yoke of debt and rent, our labors can be directed to the benefit of all.

Though we may be oppressed for our actions, we will strive to remain peaceful. But we are committed to our cause and will not cease from our efforts until we have achieved our goal.

20th May 2012.’

8 thoughts on “About Cheal Out

  1. I think this needs to be a world wide effort… I know people in the US could stand to have a system like this in place… how are things going with it since this statement was written in 2012?


    1. That’s a loaded question right now! Things are really coming to a head where the Eco-Village is concerned. There has been an effort by people calling themselves the ‘land owners’ to remove us from our home but so far they have not been successful. The result of their efforts has in fact been mess-media attention for the village, so that now we have been showcased on two of the largest UK television channels, BBC and ITV, and in every major newspaper, tabloid and broadsheet. Hopefully, the combination of the purity of our goal and the strength of our legal case will mean that the village can become a shining example of freedom for people across the UK, and maybe the rest of the world. Worst case scenario, we are evicted and we still become an example but an example of how the present legal system does not support freedom, which may be the push some people need to make the move into activism, which is what I believe we really need more of in our so-called ‘democracy’. Anyway, that’s just a summary, and heavily biased (!) so please check out: http://www.runnymede.community/ourstory/ for a more detailed account of the Runnymede story (: xxx


      1. I really hope you win in the courts. This could be an important win for anyone wishing to start communities like this. I am off to read the web link you posted. I will look for more updates if you post them 🙂

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  2. Wow! We can gather a lot of inspiration from you. World needs more ideas like that. I was just watching the news channels where everything is politicized. Religion, communities, people’s views, ideas… even the news channels are commercialized. This made me so depressed and got me thinking.. oh! How much I hope for a world free from all this. Harmony, love and peace! That is all and here you are working for it.
    I wish you all the luck in the world to achieve that. 🙂 Tc
    Thank you so much for the follow. 😀 I really appreciate the support. I will come back to read more from you. Happy blogging!:D

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