Now, when you hear this song,

I want you to do what it says,
Cos the worlds gone wrong
But I’m too afraid
Too do what I think needs to be done,
I’m not strong enough to be the chosen one.

I tell you:
If Tory scum do not believe
That strangers, to them, deserve reprieve,
As much as their relatives seem to do
When they screw up their lives,
Then well they haven’t go a clue.

I believe, and other socialists do,
That the lame and delayed and the sick matter too,
You’d care for your mother
You’d care for your son,
So don’t punish us Cameron, it’s sad that yours is gone.

Oh no, I’m sorry,
Was that a low blow?
Too bad,
I’m disabled and It’s pretty damn hard,
I use reapropriation,
Yeah, I’m calling you a retard,
It makes me feel better
I wouldn’t say good, I’m rebalancing the hatred,
Though I’m not sure that I should,
Maybe it’s just the weak
That band together
If you’re strong and tall and pretty and clever,
Maybe you don’t need the support of others,
Or maybe you all rely on each other,
As much as us poor ugly people do,
But I have to say I doubt that very much;
Dogs eat dogs,
Sheep eat grass,
But with all of this pollution
Well how is that to last?

I’m not a communist,
Though I have to point it out,
It’s never been tried,
Every system is right,

So when I sing,
I may sound quite red,
But I’m just suggesting,
we try something new instead.

I do not accept that the queen is better than me,
That reptiles’ got no authority,
There’s no such thing as illuminati,
The banks are in charge and that’s a fact,
for all to see.