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‘I think most action-movie fans, big time, obsessive fans, are gay as balls. Especially if they don’t like women in lead roles! It’s just weird that a production like this is a budget b-movie but put a bunch of fat old men together for a nostalgia driven, action-comedy romp and hordes of blokes come out to pocket-wank with their eyes closed whilst imagining Stallone has their dicks in his mouth!’ 



I’ve Got a Smart Phone Now

This is probably The first time anyone outside of the “developing”  (short for “developing into some homogenised facsimile of West”) world has made a post with that title in the last decade! But it’s true. I’ve joined a revolution, in some sense, thanks to a good friend and an early renewal on his contract; not to mention, I have to admit, iPhones are pretty rugged, I don’t think I’d have his if it’d been a Samsung he’d owned two years.

Anyway hopefully this means I can start being more active again, I like having an active blog, I like getting to know the people I read and the people who read me. 


How do you deal with morality?

I am really struggling. I want to be a good person but I don’t know what that means. I see so much evil in society and I try to point it out to other people but I get told that I am wrong. Thing is, people can’t explain why, they just tell me that’s how it is. They tell me if I want things to change so badly that I need to change them, but what right do I have if no one else sees the problems?


Activist Red Alert – Runnymede (Eco Village)

UKI Left

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Runnymede Eco Village CALLS for all free people, activists, occupiers to come and TAKE A STAND in the BATTLE of Runnymede 2015.

“Will you stand for our rights during the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta as peaceful residents are evicted to make way for just a one day politically charged celebration?

Runnymede Eco Village has created a space for occupiers to come and set up home dubbed tent city and are prepared to drastically expand the size of the community in response to a possession order due to go to court on the 9th April (and also due to be enforced by the same bailiffs who evicted dale farm)”

Below are some useful and helpful links.

The Camp protection is from NOW and ONGOING until the given eviction date, which will become…

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Too Calm to care


Too calm to care,
Hair tied slack, back of head
Unruly but my fears have
Shed, please don’t talk to me.

Humans hum around, no frustration
Now their sounds are as the buzz
Of bees through trees, a sound to

Here there is no fear for me
So I don’t pretend to be
One of the, no, here I am free
The observer only,
They leave me alone.

Too calm to care
I am not sad, my heart is gladder
Now than when I smile and try,
That is the lie,
I am separate from them,
My animal friends.

A garden, an Eden,
An errant soul,
I beg your pardon,
It is not my goal
To pay for the hour of peace I have stole,
By weeding.