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A Modern Fairy Story

I have began writing again after a long block and have found myself writing what I can only define as a modern, possibly adult, fairy story. 

It started out like most things fairly autobiographical and largely allegorical, then before I knew it my writers block receded and now I’m up to page twenty five (typed) and thinking about asking some people to read it…

Aside from friends and relatives, who will be my first choices for readers, does anyone know of some good places, real or online, where a writer of fantasy might get a (fair) decent critique of their work by someone interested in the genre?

I used to write fantasy as a kid and it’s been so many years since then that I’ve been writing poetry or short stories that sit primarily in the category of ‘acceptable’ fiction;  they are all ‘gritty’ and basically set in the ‘real world’. I don’t even know how to begin thinking about setting myself up as a ‘fantasy’ writer…