Cheal Off

A story from the life of muscle-model and low-budget, action-movie star Sabrina Di’Anno, bisexual judoka and part-time squatter. When an arson attack on set threatens a police investigation that could shut down her latest film, she decides to capture the criminal herself.

Set Aflame

Words: 2,962

I smell smoke. Usually, I wouldn’t worry about it, the crew makes the most of the woodland and barbecues are common. The satisfying scent of burning wood, even low-grade palette wood, is nostalgic for me; setting a bonfire was one of my step-dads few benign interests.

But this smells like melting plastic. Only an idiot puts plastic on a barbecue.

I hear shouting. Normally, I would ignore it. This is a busy set. Terry has more cameras than cash at this point and films as much as he can in a week. I’m used to ignoring gunshots, and anguished pleas for mercy.

The smell…

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