The First Victory

The people of Runnymede Eco-Village (my home for most of 2014 and where my heart still lives) have won their first victory in the ongoing battle to win the right to live free on the land:


This is a wonderful start to our campaign. Runnymede Eco-Village needs to survive; as my mother puts it:

As a mother of one these’hippies’, I can catergorically say that all the while he was living with these guys, he never claimed a penny in benefits. He lived there for the best part of a year, choosing this way of life at a particularly low point in his own. My son is Autistic and struggles, (as do most autistic people,) with social situations and the day to day expectations of modern life. The Runneymede community welcomed him with open arms and he was able to feel safe and at home, for the first time in many years.
I have been to the village myself and found the inhabitants to be warm, polite and friendly, unlike the ‘locals’we encountered in the local pub, where we had lunch! The area is clean, not stroon with litter as suggested, but rather muddy!
My son is not from a privaleged upbringing, I am a working single mum, who struggles to pay my rent every month , like many others. I personally feel someone needs to listen and learn from this community.’ 

-Linda Cheal

Thanks Mum and thanks to the good people in the system who are making it possible for us to try and change it.

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