‘Scientists say…’


Which scientists? I got so sick of wondering  that today, whilst having a discussion about GMO during which this ambiguous term was bandied about, I decided to see if I could find the specific names of specific scientists, from specific organisations, to get their view on the matter.

I found this:

I will admit that I am nominally opposed to GMO but I will never say never; if certain foods, which have been thoroughly researched, are deemed viable by an adequate cross-section of individuals who have NOTHING TO GAIN FINANCIALLY from saying they are healthy and safe then I am happy to accept those foods into my life, on a case by case basis. As that is not the case I have to say I am against GMO overall and the politics driving the expansion of the industry; for others who feel the same, the above website and the below article are, I feel, invaluable for changing the minds of people who are thoroughly convinced GMO are okay but can’t actually cite any real research into the matter:

Also, if anyone can find a counter-website listing scientists who are PRO GMO I would love to see it as despite claims from the industry and certain media franchises that the community is split on the issue, I couldn’t actually find a website that could so comprehensively list scientists, and their views, from that side of the fence, just another article claiming they exist:

Of course, there are a couple of notable, very famous scientists who have recently turned pro-GMO…but then again, there are a lot of rich companies who would pay a lot of money for those same, very famous, scientists to speak on their behalf…

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